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Woke up with a faint taste of blood in my mouth this morning.
It’s getting serious!

I have one last day to get ready before we go from the innitial writing / studio building phase to the next: recording!
That’s when the first important decisions are made, tracks are locked down, the songs will start to find their final form and sound.

I’ve never been LESS prepared to go into the studio!
But that’s a good thing. It’s deliberate. I’m excited about it!
A new and freer approach.
If you go into the studio with 15 tightly written songs, you’ll sometimes struggle with the exercise of pushing music and arrangements onto the song. There’ll be lots of situations where the music (and the musicians even more so) wants to go off in one direction but the song is saying “Hey, get back here!” It’s not the most musical way to do it.

We have an American bass player arriving in Iceland tomorrow and then about a week to lay down drums and bass and whatever else we feel like.
I can’t wait to hear some of these songs with amazing musicians on them.
Imagine… so far it’s just rough sketches on the “memo” app on my phone and suddenly it’ll sound like real music, with depth, size, nuances, dynamics, heart, soul, sweat.

I hope I’m gonna get completely lost in it this time. Let the control freak take the week off and let the guys’ sublime musicianship take the music where it wants to go. I think I’m ready to leave my comfort zone…

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